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Film Review: Toy Story 4

I must admit that, when I heard they were making a fourth Toy Story, my reaction was pessimistic. What was the need? Aren’t we overstuffed with sequels? Toy Story 3 had brought the perfect ending to this tale. Continue reading

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Film Review: In the Heart of the Sea


Here’s something I must confess about myself: I have an irrational fear of whales. It’s always been like that, I just can’t explain it (though I’ll blame Pinocchio for it). I have always been wary of sea creatures in general, but the thought of swimming underwater and suddenly come across a massive creature with weird teeth has always haunted me in my dreams. I know, how on Earth would I find a whale in Southeast Spain, where you can walk more than 2 km into the sea and the water is still knee-deep? Whatever, they creep me out. Continue reading

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