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Mary Poppins Never Grows Old

I come a bit late to this party (because I was out on a holiday), but we should celebrate. Continue reading

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Bridget Jones, my Faithful Valentine’s Date

Bridget-jonesI am just going to throw some cultural knowledge to you all: in Spain, Saint Valentine’s Day is not a thing. Yes, we are a Catholic culture, which means we believe in saints, but we do not really care that much about celebrating this one, and if we do, it’s because of the Anglo-Saxon influence and because most shops just want to sell, sell, sell. Which is fine by me, by the way. But I have never really celebrated it, probably because the only two long-term partners I’ve had were ┬ánot into the Anglo-Saxon thing, apparently – maybe that is why I moved to London? Although I seem to recall the latest giving me a rose. And Donetes, the best way to conquer my heart forever. That and Kinder Delice. And a cocktail mixer to make endless Cosmopolitans. That’s about it. Continue reading

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