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MCM Comic Con London May 2016

Eisenberg Rauch and Nayyar

Comic Con, once more. It seems like I’ve out-grown its craziness, because this year I felt more relaxed as I walked through the halls of the Excel Centre –although I still had a few moments in which I wanted to gruesomely murder some people who pushed me, hit me with their tails or poked me with their horns. Continue reading

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Film Review: The Duchess

the-duchess-5How silly it is of me, to review a film that is already… wow, seven years old. Continue reading

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Film Review: Dracula Untold

dracula-untold-5If there is a lesson I have learned from watching Dracula Untold, it is this: never watch a movie simply because you find the main actor physically, erm, compelling. It usually ends up in disaster. Continue reading

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