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El Ministerio del Tiempo 2×01 Review: Time of Legend

ministerio del tiempo2x01 velazquez painting

Months and months of waiting, and boy, it didn’t disappoint, did it? Us Ministéricos (“ministerics”) knew that the return of El Ministerio del Tiempo was going to be bigger and better. And sadder. Continue reading

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My Pseudo-Live Blog of War and Peace: Episode 1

lily james war and peace ep1

Whenever I go to the cinema back home in Spain, I am constantly talking throughout the movie. Not in an annoying way, though; my friends and I simply comment on things like “that was stupid” or “I love that costume” or “I recognise that actor from somewhere. Virginia, where have we seen this guy before?” So imagine that that is exactly what I am doing here. I’m talking to you about War and Peace as we watch it –imagine me drinking a cocktail as we speak, too. There we go! Continue reading

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