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Dark 3×05 ‘Life and Death’: Thought by Thought

As they used to say in Lost, “everybody dies.” I never thought they meant that literally. Continue reading

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Doctor Who 10×5 Review: Oxygen

Am I the only one who thinks Peter Capaldi should stay for at least one more season? He is killing it this year, and he deserves to shine after two series that may not have allowed him to do so -totally not blaming him, but a few scripts that didn’t do any favours to the show. Continue reading

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Praise for Better Call Saul’s ‘Chicanery’

It is difficult for a show that already excels every week to have a truly outstanding episode. It happens to Better Call Saul the same way it happened to its predecessor, Breaking Bad. Always great episodes, always flawless, but oh boy, when a top one came along, it made the show even better. Continue reading

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Carlos, Rey Emperador: Episode 5 Review

juana junta tordesillas

Imagine having to travel up and down Europe in the 16th century. It doesn’t sound very enticing, don’t you think? Carlos goes all the way up to Germany (which takes months) and then all the way again west to England. And with letters that get lost in France. All I’m saying is, let’s be thankful for the inventions of the telephone and motorized transport. Continue reading

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