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Film Review: The Imitation Game

1d42c26fe114da7e624307d7a06d0ee8Some movies just seem to be designed to be nominated for everything during an awards season, even if it wasn’t its makers’ intention –usually, the big producers are the ones that make sure the films go that way. Continue reading

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Film Review: The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies

The-Hobbit-The-Battle-of-the-Five-Armies3Reviewing a film like The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is not like reviewing any other. Because this is not a regular film: it is the end of an era, one that began on 10 December 2001, when The Fellowship of the Ring was released. Since then, New Zealander director Peter Jackson has taken us on a journey through the stories of J. R. R. Tolkien, a story that is now coming to an end. Continue reading

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Film Review: Dracula Untold

dracula-untold-5If there is a lesson I have learned from watching Dracula Untold, it is this: never watch a movie simply because you find the main actor physically, erm, compelling. It usually ends up in disaster. Continue reading

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Film Review: Horrible Bosses 2

337b9f00-63a9-11e4-871e-1b62bfda1b3c_horrible-bosses-2You reader, you who haven’t watched this movie yet and are wondering, “Was it really necessary to have sequel to the first film?” Because yes, the first one was funny, but that doesn’t mean there needs to be a second part. I will tell you this: if effing Frozen is getting a sequel, any film can. Continue reading

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Film Review: Serena

jennifer-lawrence-serena-still-01It’s been two days since I saw this movie and I’m still depressed and traumatised. Continue reading

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Film Review: Populaire

populaireOh, French comedies. What is not to like about them? I am lucky enough to have grown up with a Francophile mother who showed me at an early age the entire filmography of Louis de Funes and the magnificent Les Visiteurs. Continue reading

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Film Review: Noah, Yet Another Controversial Movie

Noah“Of course there’s liberties, I mean, we’re making a movie here. If you read the four chapters that the Noah story takes place in, Noah doesn’t even speak. How are you going to cast Russell Crowe and not have him talk? Noah’s wife and his sons’ three wives aren’t even named in the Bible.”

Darren Aronofsky’s ambitious dream of making a film about the biblical figure Noah has finally come true, but it comes with controversy and with critics. Continue reading

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Transformers: the Extinction of Acting

Transformers PosterThere is something I need to confess: I went to see Transformers: Age of Extinction with a preconceived idea. I had liked the first movie, enjoyed the second one a great deal and never bothered to watch the third one, so sitting through this new instalment was set to be quite a task. And then I learned, minutes before the film began, that it was going to be almost three hours long. I was trapped. Continue reading

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Transcendence: I Watched It For You

There is nothing more frustrating than when a film looks promising and it ends up being total rubbish, and the latest example is Transcendence, the movie “starring” Johnny Depp. Continue reading

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You Should Watch ‘This Is The End’


” I don’t wanna die at James Franco’s house”

Real-life bros movies seem to be a genre that never disappoints – even if I just made up that genre. When the actors have a good relationship off-screen, the chemistry transcends the film. Just think of the Avengers movies, or anything that has at least two members of the Pitt-Clooney-Damon combo. It’s always just the actors using different names, but you can tell it’s them. Continue reading

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