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Film Review: Jackie

President and First Lady in Jackie

How hard can it be for a thespian to portray a real-life character? And not just that, but someone who was well-known and whose life was followed by the media step by step. Continue reading

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Do You Live in the UK and Love Going to the Cinema?


Well, do you? If that’s the case, I have a proposition for you: Continue reading

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What Oscar-Nominated Posters Should Really Say

Hey! Look at that, it’s almost Oscar night! This Sunday we will finally know what film wins the Best Picture statuette (Boyhood) instead of the one that truly deserves it (The Grand Budapest Hotel). Continue reading

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Embarrassing Myself, A.K.A. My Final Project

amelie4Oh, I have been avoiding this for months. My friends asked to see my MA project, and yet I delayed its publication. Continue reading

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The Screen Battle of the Sexes

happened_1749151cMany things happened during the 1930s. The first FIFA World Cup ever was held in Uruguay and won by its host. The Nazi Party won the German federal elections, an event which would eventually lead to World War II. The Prohibition in the US ended. In 1932, the first live-action film with Technicolor sequences, The Cat and the Fiddle, was released, and the Empire State Building opened its gates. And in 1934, Frank Capra’s It Happened One Night started a golden age for a whole new genre: the screwball comedy. Continue reading

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About That Time I Almost Froze To Death at the Baftas

The title of this article couldn’t be more self-explanatory: I decided, out of pure masochism, to go with my friend Leila to the red carpet of the BAFTAs last February. Of course, we attended as fans, which means we stood out there for 15 hours. But it resulted in a nice article and even nicer photos so, as some dude used to say in the 16th century, all’s well that ends well. Here it is.

Warning: it involves a lot of complaining. I’m not good at handling cold weather.

Continue reading

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Celebrating the Lives of Peter O’Toole and Joan Fontaine

This is a great opportunity to listen to this majestic score, composed by Maurice Jarre.
As if sometimes it wasn’t enough with taking away just one, this past day has seen two great film stars leave this world: Peter O’Toole and Joan Fontaine. Continue reading

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American Psycho, the Latest of Many Musical Adaptations from Films

London is seeing yet another musical theatre adaptation of a successful film, a trend that seems to be happening quite often over the past decade. Continue reading

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Reasons to Worship Simon Pegg

1277711_480856122021410_922428021_oThere is no doubt that Simon Pegg is a comic genius, and that is an understatement: he is witty and and the same time it feels like he is close to the public. Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Fred

Astaire sings Night and Day to Rogers in The Gay Divorcee

Astaire sings “Night and Day” to Rogers in The Gay Divorcee

I woke up this morning with a very particular craving: watching a Fred and Ginger film*. Unfortunately, all my DVDs are gathering dust in the South of Spain, so I am going to have to wait to enjoy gems such as Shall We Dance or The Gay Divorcee.

Because the dancing chemistry between Astaire and Rogers will never be accomplished by anyone else. They would melt as one, and the way they danced together was unique. It was so special, that all the other times they did it with different partners, it just wasn’t the same. Continue reading

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