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Ocean’s Elev… I Mean, The Monuments Men Review

BgC6Ny4IYAA6HDUThere is something very enjoyable about watching a film whose main actors happen to be real-life pals. The sense of comradeship, the chemistry. Films like Ocean’s Eleven, This Is The End, The Avengers… It doesn’t matter what these movies are about because, in the end, it is just about a bunch of friends having fun, so that is what you see. Continue reading

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Andy Gotts: BAFTA Over the Years

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An exhibition by renowned photographer Andy Gotts opened today at Somerset House, with a display of photos of actors who have won or been nominated for a BAFTA since 1954. Continue reading

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Film Review: Gravity

1279003_520765094666727_1400035884_oThe human race is made to live in a gravitational environment. We are meant to walk, to stumble, to fall, to get up on our feet. But not to float, and especially not in space. Continue reading

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The Monuments Men Heads to Berlin

George Clooney’s newest film, which we could say is his own Ocean’s Eleven in World War II, will premiere at the 64th Berlin Film Festival, which will take place next February. Continue reading

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