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The Biggest Letdowns from the 2014 Oscars

© Photo by Ellen DeGeneres for @TheEllenShowThe Oscars: the most awaited event of the film world, the one that culminates the awards season. Millions of movie buffs look forward to this event, but as it happens, it tends to be met with disappointment when it doesn’t meet the expectations. Usually, it is the host to blame, or the dubious criteria of some awards. But no matter how bad they might be a year, people will still watch them the following one. Here are some of the biggest letdowns from last night’s show, from my perspective. Continue reading

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Predicting the BAFTA Winners

1400744_542416935834876_1948355879_oThe 67th edition of the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) is almost here. This Sunday, held at the London Royal Opera House and hosted by Stephen Fry for the ninth time, United Kingdom will celebrate some of the best films of 2013 (and some not as good). Continue reading

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86th Academy Awards Nominations

As it happens every year, the Oscar nominees have been announced. And as it also happens every year, lots of people have been snubbed, and others whom we don’t think would deserve it have been nominated. Continue reading

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Film Review: Gravity

1279003_520765094666727_1400035884_oThe human race is made to live in a gravitational environment. We are meant to walk, to stumble, to fall, to get up on our feet. But not to float, and especially not in space. Continue reading

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Gravity and the Music that Revolves Around it

1400744_542416935834876_1948355879_oSurreal stories require surreal surroundings, and that includes the music. The best way of composing a film score for something like Gravity is to give it a feeling of science fiction, which is precisely what Steven Price does. Continue reading

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