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Film Review: Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge

Two things before we begin: first, I consider Pirates of the Caribbean to be a trilogy, and anything else that has come afterwards is just unnecessary footage that I don’t even want to be bothered with; second, why do film titles have to be different in the UK? I have spent the last few months thinking this movie was called Dead Men Tell No Tales. Get your act together, Disney! Continue reading

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Film Review: The Duchess

the-duchess-5How silly it is of me, to review a film that is already… wow, seven years old. Continue reading

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Film Review: The Imitation Game

1d42c26fe114da7e624307d7a06d0ee8Some movies just seem to be designed to be nominated for everything during an awards season, even if it wasn’t its makers’ intention –usually, the big producers are the ones that make sure the films go that way. Continue reading

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