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Sunday at the Doctor Who Festival


If there is a TV series out there who needs its own festival, that is definitely Doctor Who. It’s not only about the length of time the show has been running, it’s about the universe that it has created around itself; the generations of fans willing to pass their knowledge to younger viewers who have just started watching; a world in itself, basically. Continue reading

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Film Review: Legend


Tom Hardy purists, this might be the film for you. Otherwise, I honestly don’t think that you will like Legend. Continue reading

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About That Time I Almost Froze To Death at the Baftas

The title of this article couldn’t be more self-explanatory: I decided, out of pure masochism, to go with my friend Leila to the red carpet of the BAFTAs last February. Of course, we attended as fans, which means we stood out there for 15 hours. But it resulted in a nice article and even nicer photos so, as some dude used to say in the 16th century, all’s well that ends well. Here it is.

Warning: it involves a lot of complaining. I’m not good at handling cold weather.

Continue reading

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Chuckle Duster, the Newest Comedy Wave

rsz_img_8816Every month, in the basement of a friendly bar in Shoreditch called Kick Bar, the comedy group Chuckle Duster performs their routine. They have a loyal fanbase, people they can count on to always show up. But they also attract new admirers, who remain after seeing one of their performances. Continue reading

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