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Doctor Who 9×12 Review: Hell Bent

clara doctor dinner 9x12

Oh, Steven Moffat. How. Amazing. Was. That. Finale.

I expected it to be mildly okay. After all, the Gallifrey plotline didn’t get a lot of buildup throughout the series. Even the first minutes in the Doctor’s home planet seemed to go a bit slow. But as it usually happens with Moffat-penned episodes, a few plot twists left us awestruck and elaborating a new theory every two minutes. Continue reading

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Doctor Who 9×06 Review: The Woman Who Lived


I wish Maisie Williams were the Doctor’s companion. Wasn’t she superb in this episode? The chemistry between her and Peter Capaldi was superb, much better than that between him and Jenna Coleman these days -which I guess it is something they are forcing now that she is leaving the show. Continue reading

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