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Ripper Street: Whaaaaat??

BYPqcg8CYAEQG8uInspector Edmund Reid -Matthew MacFadyen- is back to Whitechapel and into our TVs, with the return of acclaimed BBC show Ripper Street. And with not-so-understandable plots. Continue reading

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Reading and Watching Wuthering Heights

Wuthering_HeightsITVDVDNot so long ago, I decided to read, after months of gathering dust on a shelf, Emily Brontë´s Wuthering Heights. Even though it wasn´t easy to get hooked with the first set of pages, it ended up being one of the novels that have made a bigger impact on me. A wonderful love story tainted from start to finish with pessimism, anguish and Heathcliff´s spirit of revenge, with a single optimist turn thanks to the love ending with Cathy and Hareton.

But, Jesus Christ, it is a depressing story. You don´t even want to cry, it just makes you want to eat lots of ice-cream while you stare gloomily at the horizon. Continue reading

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