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My Pseudo-Live Blog of War and Peace: Episode 1

lily james war and peace ep1

Whenever I go to the cinema back home in Spain, I am constantly talking throughout the movie. Not in an annoying way, though; my friends and I simply comment on things like “that was stupid” or “I love that costume” or “I recognise that actor from somewhere. Virginia, where have we seen this guy before?” So imagine that that is exactly what I am doing here. I’m talking to you about War and Peace as we watch it –imagine me drinking a cocktail as we speak, too. There we go! Continue reading

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Introduction to my Pseudo-Live Blog of War and Peace


When it comes to television, there are many things I love, and these include miniseries based on books, period dramas and BBC adaptations of books written in the 19th century. Continue reading

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My Favourite Shakespeare Adaptations

Is it weird to celebrate someone’s death? Not as in “we are glad that bastard died”, but more in a “let’s honour his memory” way. Well, today is the 399th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, which has been usually celebrated along with the death of another great writer of his generation, Miguel de Cervantes (although the author of Don Quixote actually died on April 22). Continue reading

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Reading and Watching Wuthering Heights

Wuthering_HeightsITVDVDNot so long ago, I decided to read, after months of gathering dust on a shelf, Emily Brontë´s Wuthering Heights. Even though it wasn´t easy to get hooked with the first set of pages, it ended up being one of the novels that have made a bigger impact on me. A wonderful love story tainted from start to finish with pessimism, anguish and Heathcliff´s spirit of revenge, with a single optimist turn thanks to the love ending with Cathy and Hareton.

But, Jesus Christ, it is a depressing story. You don´t even want to cry, it just makes you want to eat lots of ice-cream while you stare gloomily at the horizon. Continue reading

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