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Assassin’s Creed Featurette: Secret Societies


I will be honest here: I don’t care for videogames, and I care even less for videogames turned into movies. Continue reading

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My Favourite Shakespeare Adaptations

Is it weird to celebrate someone’s death? Not as in “we are glad that bastard died”, but more in a “let’s honour his memory” way. Well, today is the 399th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, which has been usually celebrated along with the death of another great writer of his generation, Miguel de Cervantes (although the author of Don Quixote actually died on April 22). Continue reading

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Stephen King Films FAQ: All That’s Left To Know About the King of Horror on Film

SK_Ranked_CarrieIt is always FAQ books that help the most when one is trying to discover something new. In the case of Stephen King Films FAQ, by American film critic Scott Von Doviak, the reader can be introduced to a new world. And not only of King’s movies, but also of his books. Continue reading

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The Greatest Stars and Movies of the Silent Era

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