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Netflix has Mastered Teen Movies -Grown-Up Ones, not so Much

I hadn’t planned to review nor recap any of those Netflix films you decide to watch at night in the comfort of your couch, let alone write a whole mini-essay on them. But after one too many bored nights of scrolling through what the Netflix Al-Gore-rhythm (bless you, Titus) recommended, I noticed a pattern that is sticking: the films for teenagers are good, and the ones oriented at adults tend to be total crap -yes that is the scientific term for it. Continue reading

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Black Mirror Review: Hang The DJ

I don’t usually review Black Mirror episodes. On one hand, because I enjoy just watching them, without the pressure of having to take notes and then talk about them. And on the other hand, because they are so grim that, by the time they are done, I’m curled up on the couch rocking myself while holding my legs and staring blankly into nothing while thinking, “this is going to happen to us. It’s coming and we are doing nothing to prevent it.” Continue reading

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El Ministerio del Tiempo 3×06 Review: Time of Slaves

It is always hard to say goodbye to a ministry worker, even more so when we don’t know for sure if the show will be back, which makes their “it’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later” all the more heartbreaking. Continue reading

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First Impressions on Daredevil


I am sure you have noticed, even if you don’t like superhero franchises, that the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron is out there promoting the film everywhere in the world (and they are all being cute and hilarious). Continue reading

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