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Stop! In the Name of Love

The creators of El Ministerio del Tiempo are taunting us. First, they give us a clip of every historical character we are going to meet (or meet again) in the upcoming fourth series of the show. Continue reading

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Outlander 4×02 ‘Do No Harm’: Live Recap

As is usual in Outlander, terrible things happen in ‘Do No Harm’ and everyone is miserable, because the Frasers never have more than five minutes of happiness before someone tries to murder, rape or execute one of the characters. The 18th century is grim. But let’s go! Continue reading

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Black Mirror Review: Hang The DJ

I don’t usually review Black Mirror episodes. On one hand, because I enjoy just watching them, without the pressure of having to take notes and then talk about them. And on the other hand, because they are so grim that, by the time they are done, I’m curled up on the couch rocking myself while holding my legs and staring blankly into nothing while thinking, “this is going to happen to us. It’s coming and we are doing nothing to prevent it.” Continue reading

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My Favourite Moments from Oathkeeper


It should really just be ‘my favourite moment’, which is the one that gives the title to this episode, but then it would be a really boring review if I wrote 1,000 words about Jaime and Brienne alone (and I could). Everybody moved forward on this episode, mysteries were revealed and epic bromances were halted, so here are my favourite scenes. Continue reading

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My Favourite Moments from Breaker of Chains

vlcsnap-2014-04-27-12h37m51s251This is arriving so late. I know. Internet connection issues.

Reviewing an episode of Game of Thrones is an arduous task. Lord knows there are way too many storylines and characters to talk about all of them. Even myself, at the end of each episode, have a hard time remembering what happened to everyone (which is why I have to take notes). Of course, I always remember the main events, such as beheadings, poisoning of jerk kings or treacherously murdering handsome red-haired men at weddings. Continue reading

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Ding Dong the King Is Dead


King Joffrey “Baratheon” is dead, finally. He leaves behind tons of disturbing scenes that I will never be able to erase from my mind, the same way I will never be able to erase the Starks’ deaths last season or Joffrey’s last night. But unlike the Red Wedding, the Purple Wedding death is one scene that I will be able to watch all over again. Even with all that wedding feast that goes before and which is so painful: it just makes Joffrey’s death even more deserving. Continue reading

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