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A Return to the World

Hello, it is I! It’s been, what, three months without writing a single post? But the long holiday is over, and work calls. Continue reading

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A Few Things to Know About ‘Carlos, Rey Emperador’ Before its Premiere


It’s almost here! The sequel to Isabel will premiere in Spain on Monday 7th. The first season of this miniseries will bring us the story of Spain 12 years after the events of Isabel’s finale (a gap that, let’s not forget, will be covered in the movie La Corona Partida). It’s only days before we can enjoy this retelling of Spanish history, the costumes, the impressive sets and landscapes, so let’s prepare ourselves for this new chapter! Continue reading

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Farewell, Isabel

14100124369584Well, that’s it, it is officially over. Isabel said goodbye to millions of viewers the only way it could, with the queen’s death. Continue reading

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Preview of “The Mountain and the Viper”

Because the wait is going to be one week longer than usual, here are 30 seconds of the 8th episode to pass the time… Continue reading

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I’m in a Glass Case of Emotion

Today is the day that Christmas officially begins. Well, at least for me. I am flying home and, for some reason, I decide to arrive to the airport three hours earlier, because who doesn’t love to hang out at these places for half a day? Continue reading

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Isabel, the Spanish Series You Should Be Watching

Picture taken from TVE. Copyright Javier de Agustin

To my delight, I have just found out that Sky Arts is broadcasting Isabel, an awarded Spanish show that is currently on its second season back in my home country.

Now that I am in London, I find this little things particularly touching, since they allow me to have tiny moments of homesickness. Maybe because in Spain I watch this with my mum -whose name also happens to be Isabel.

To put you in situation, Isabel tells the story of whom were the most important monarchs in Spanish history: Fernando of Aragon and Isabel of Castile, commonly known as “Los Reyes Católicos” (The Catholic Monarchs): America was discovered during their reign, and they also reconquered the parts of Southern Spain that still belonged to the Muslims. They did many other things, of course, and everything is splendidly depicted in the show. Continue reading

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María de Villota, Gone Too Soon



The posts of this blog are usually about film and television. But not today. Today, I am going to make an exception with someone who has represented two important things in my life, Spain and sports. And that someone is María de Villota.

For those of you who don’t know who she was, María was a racing driver -and daughter of a Formula One driver, too). She carved a niche for herself in the motor racing world, and she even got to compete in the formerly Spanish Formula Three Championship. In an environment where being a woman wasn’t helpful, she overcome her circumstances and proved to be as worthy as her fellow drivers. Continue reading

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