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The Grand Tour: The Trio Goes Wild in Episode Four


Clarkson, Hammond and May are back in Whitby for the fourth episode of their new adventure, and they’ve absolutely killed it on this latest outing. Quite literally in Clarkson’s case – he had to kill an entire farm to make his car! Continue reading

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Thoughts I Had While Watching Game of Thrones’ ‘The House of Black and White’

juego-de-tronos-game-of-thrones-5x02-02Ah, Game of Thrones, I hope you run for 20 seasons. Can we make that happen? Because I’m sure everyone would watch it. Continue reading

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First Impressions on Daredevil


I am sure you have noticed, even if you don’t like superhero franchises, that the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron is out there promoting the film everywhere in the world (and they are all being cute and hilarious). Continue reading

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You Should Be Watching ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’

downloadDo you miss Isabel, now that it’s over? I sure as hell do. I couldn’t bear living in a world where I didn’t have new episodes to watch of this historical masterpiece, and its sequel, Carlos Emperador (‘Charles Emperor’) won’t arrive until this autumn Continue reading

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‘Deep Breath’ Review: Not a Hugging Person Now

11As abrupt as Twelfth’s regeneration was, so was his first introduction to the world. In a way as hilarious as sharp, Peter Capaldi entered the show as the Doctor by telling our beloved Strax to, well, shut up –more specifically, “shush!” Continue reading

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The Doctor Who Anniversary is Coming and It’s Driving Me Nuts

1398917_738895782791118_1214759844_oI´m getting A BIT too anxious about the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary. Not only because it is going to be epic and I´ll cry my heart out when Matt Smith -God bless your cheekbones- regenerates, but also because it will mark the return of my favourite doctor/companion combo EVER.

Yes, I am talking about David Tennant and Billie Piper. Continue reading

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Isabel, the Spanish Series You Should Be Watching

Picture taken from TVE. Copyright Javier de Agustin

To my delight, I have just found out that Sky Arts is broadcasting Isabel, an awarded Spanish show that is currently on its second season back in my home country.

Now that I am in London, I find this little things particularly touching, since they allow me to have tiny moments of homesickness. Maybe because in Spain I watch this with my mum -whose name also happens to be Isabel.

To put you in situation, Isabel tells the story of whom were the most important monarchs in Spanish history: Fernando of Aragon and Isabel of Castile, commonly known as “Los Reyes Católicos” (The Catholic Monarchs): America was discovered during their reign, and they also reconquered the parts of Southern Spain that still belonged to the Muslims. They did many other things, of course, and everything is splendidly depicted in the show. Continue reading

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Downton Abbey: Surviving the Season 3 Massacre

aBBEYThis is supposed to be an article about how season 4 of Downton Abbey is going so far, especially after the (cruel) deaths we had to go through last year. This means that I am not going to talk about the “event” from Episode 3, because I’m starting to feel that creator Julian Fellowes wants to turn Downton into Game of Thrones: Edwardian Edition.

I was quite concerned about how the absences of Sybil and Matthew would affect the show, particularly the latter-how do you kill him in such a cruel way on CHRISTMAS DAY?-. So far, I can state that every time someone mentions their name, I get a lump in my throat. Continue reading

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Homeland Season 3: Crazy Crying Is Back!

Image belongs to Homeland's Facebook page. I do not own any of the photosIt may sound strange, but I am sure I’m not the only one who thinks like this: Brody didn’t show up at all during Homeland’s season premiere, and I didn’t miss him. Actually, he has left a “legacy” that has every single character facing the consequences of everything he has done. I think we can hold for a couple more episodes without him. Continue reading

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The Beginning (of my Breaking Bad Withdrawal Symptoms)

© AMC / Ursula CoyoteWelcome to my humble blog! And what a better way to start it than with the end of a masterpiece of the 21st century television: Breaking Bad.

For those of you who don´t know what Breaking Bad is –strange if you are part of the modern civilization- or who have never seen it, well, let´s sum it up:

Walter White was a high school chemistry teacher from Albuquerque. He lived an ordinary life with his pregnant wife, Skyler, and his teenage son, Walt Jr, until he found out that he had cancer. In order to make some money so that his family can survive when he is gone, he decides to do what every human being would in his situation: cooking meth. Continue reading

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