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El Ministerio del Tiempo 3×05 Review: Time of Splendour

If there is something I enjoy more than well-written episodes, is the return of beloved recurring characters. That is the case in ‘Time of Splendour’, where we enjoy the visit of not one, but two key people: Lope de Vega and Cervantes. And it also allows us to sit back and rejoice a little bit, because these two had a rivalry of sorts that is wonderfully played out this time. Continue reading

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My Favourite Shakespeare Adaptations

Is it weird to celebrate someone’s death? Not as in “we are glad that bastard died”, but more in a “let’s honour his memory” way. Well, today is the 399th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, which has been usually celebrated along with the death of another great writer of his generation, Miguel de Cervantes (although the author of Don Quixote actually died on April 22). Continue reading

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